Designers: Meena Chowdhury & Marina Ibrahim

Armadillo is a shaded seating prototype, emulating the hard exterior folding shell of an armadillo through contemporary wood processing construction. Using Rhino plug-in, Grasshopper, this parametric code was designed to expand and contract as the seat changes its dimensions.

The basis of this design initially took its form from an origami fold, in which the angle of this fan-type fold creates a curvature along the spine of the shape. To recreate this in wood, we used a combination of wood joints, facilitated by the precision of the robotic arm, to create this cantilevered curve.

The seating’s intent is to be used as a protective covering from the sun, but also from the noise produced by pedestrian flow through main mall, and directs the users gaze towards the view of the mountains instead. It creates a quiet niche within the public campus space to take a moment to sit back and relax.

A Seminar in Parametric Design and Robotic Fabrication

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