Sarah Garland

Sarah Pitoscia

Lorena Polovina

Growing out of the ground, Blossom expresses itself as an experiential pavilion that redefines wood construction by merging the fields of parametric design and robotic fabrication. The pavilion blooms open to offer an educative platform to explore the spatial, tactile, and material possibilities offered by parametric design innovation. Parametric design allows for an iterative and experimental design process that holds a direct engagement with the fabrication process.

Blossom uses repetitive components set to varying degrees to form an organic arch structure. The initial design concept involved explorations into the connection between a petal and wedge. The wedge is used to prop the petal up to provide support and facilitate in generating an overall form.

Exploration study model 1
Exploration study model 2


Final study model

The final result is a structure that is made up of two components, a petal and wedge, that are doweled together. Each wedge has a set of 2 teeth on either side that connect into the corresponding petal at a series of angles, made possible only by an 8-axis industrial robot. The teeth of the stacked wedges are then doweled together to maintain a rigid structure as the components blossom and fold to form an organic arch pavilion.

The final form of Blossom creates a 1 meter tall by 3 meters wide arch that offers a creative space where users can take a moment to relax and learn about the capabilities of parametric design.

A Seminar in Parametric Design and Robotic Fabrication

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