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This OER was created to complete an assignment for ETEC 522 Ventures in Learning Technology, a course in the MET program at UBC. It was launched October 21, 2012.

Our assigment was an “Emerging Market Analysis”. For our topic we were assigned, based on a poll, Personalized Learning. We chose to refine the topic to “Personalized Learning Tools”.  We worked collaboratively to design our OER, and to guide discussion and activities throughout our assigned week. Our week opened with the post and video below:

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Hello and Welcome to Week 8

Hello and welcome to Week 8 of ETEC 522, where our topic will be Personalized Learning Tools.

We hope that you enjoy the information and activities provided. We have tried to address different learning styles throughout the blog, so that you are able to choose which way you can best acquire information and show your learning. Tailor it to what suits you best!

What is personalized learning? Who does it? What does it look like? How can I make it work for me? Answers to these questions and more will be provided throughout the sections of our blog. Please watch the video below and then start at the Homepage [now the Introduction and Steps page] which will provide you with further instructions.

We encourage you to ask questions throughout the week in our blog.  We welcome ways to make the process relatable to your own personal experience in the classroom and hope you have fun!


James, Paula, Coral, Bryan and Rebecca

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