Focusing on the Consumers

League of Legends, a free online video game and is currently the most played online game in the world. League of Legends is centered on a ‘freemium’ model and has attracted millions of players around the globe. With more than 27 daily players and 67 million players monthly (Tassi, 2014), the amount of increasing players is growing at an exponential rate. The company of this massive online game is a called Riot Games.

Riot’s success can be attributed to their dedication to customer experience. Riot encourages players to give them feedback on the game mechanics and experience.  They introduce new changes to the game through “patches” every few weeks to facilitate an overall better gaming experience. The game is free; however the player the option to purchase unlock-able content that mainly enhances the game aesthetically. This is essentially a freemium service and this model has generated $624 million in profit for Riot games in 2013 (Mosley, 2013)

Riot’s mission statement is to progress and improve the gaming experience overall for players. Their value proposition is built around the delivering an excellent experience to the gamer. By constantly updating and revitalizing the game, forming close relationships with players with their forums and promotional events, Riot has successfully attracted and retained millions of players around the globe.

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