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Arctic Reading Group First reading April 18th

meeting Thursday night April 18th, 2013

 Who Owns the Arctic?


Who Owns the Arctic?  Understanding Sovereignty Disputes in the North

(The below description of book is from D&M Publishers, founded by Jim Douglas and Scott McIntyre.)


A topical and informed primer for the most urgent yet least understood geopolitical issue of our time—Arctic sovereignty

Who actually controls the Northwest Passage? Who owns the trillions of dollars of oil and gas beneath the Arctic Ocean? Which territorial claims will prevail—those of the U.S., Russia, Canada or the Nordic nations—and why? And, in an age of rapid climate change, how do we protect the fragile Arctic environment while seizing the economic opportunities presented by the rapidly melting sea ice?

In the highly readable book Who Owns the Arctic, Michael Byers, a leading Arctic expert and international lawyer explains the sometimes contradictory rules governing the division and protection of the Arctic and the disputes that remain unresolved. What emerges is a vision for the Arctic in which co-operation, not conflict, prevails, and where the sovereignty of individual nations is exercised for the benefit of all.


What do you think of Dr. Byers analysis of the geopolitical situation in the Arcitc?

For more information check out Michael Byers web site


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