Archived Lectures






Lecture X – April 2012: Dr. Tom Pedersen

Human-Scale Climate-Change Impacts That Lurk in the Background

Lecture IX – March 2012: Dr. Mike Steele

 Warming of the Upper Arctic Ocean

Lecture VIII – March 2012: Dr. Frank Tester hosted a forum for Arctic Social Science and Humanities research.  Tee Lim, Tina Adcock, Drummond Lambert were the presenters.

Arctic Landscapes Under Construction:
Continuity and Change in Industrial Development and Colonization Across the Twentieth-Century Canadian Arctic

Lecture VII – Feburary 2012: Andrew Hamilton

Iceberg Dead Ahead!  A journey from the depths of the  jungle to the unexplored waters beneath the Petermann Ice Island

Lecture VI – January 2012: Dr. Olav Slaymaker

Norway’s Polar Presence  (click here to download abstract word doc.)

Lecture V – December 2011:  Dr. Evgeny Pakhomov

Southern Ocean metazoans:  stories of survival and success

Lecture IV – October 2011:  Kristen Gorman  Climate-induced divergence in breeding population dynamics among Pygoscelis penguins, Western Antarctic Peninsula  Lecture IV – October 2011

Lecture III – September 2011Dr. Joel Heath

Winter on the Arctic Sea Ice: Inuit Culture, Science and Filmmaking on the Belcher Islands of Hudson Bay   Lecture III – Sept 2011

Lecture II – May 2011Dr. Robie Macdonald

Why is the Arctic Ocean sensitive to industrial contaminants? Lecture II May 2011

Lecture I  – April 2011:   Dr. Eddy Carmack

The IPY and Canada’s Three Oceans: A Baseline With Warning Lights: Recruits Needed.  Lecture I – April 2011


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