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Olav Slaymaker: short bio

Expertise: Geography; Environmental Geography; Geomorphology of Cold Environments
Education: 1958-61: King’s College, Cambridge (BA Geography)
1961-63: Harvard University (MA Geology)
1963-67: Cambridge University (Ph.D. Geomorphology)
Employment: 1964-68: University of Wales, Aberystwyth (Geography)
1968-2004: UBC (Geography)
Unemployment: 2004-present: Emeritus Professor, UBC.
1991-92: President of the Canadian Association of Geographers
1997-2001: President of the International Association of Geomorphologists
Author and Editor of 21 books, including
1985 (with M.Church) Field and Theory: Lectures in Geocryology. UBC Press: Vancouver
1993 (with H.French)Canada’s Cold Environments. McGill-Queens Press: Montreal
1998 (with T. Spencer) Physical Geography and Global Environmental Change. Adison Wesley Longman Press: Harlow
2004 (with P.Owens) Mountain Geomorphology. Arnold Press: London
2006 (with REJ Kelly) The Cryosphere and Global Environmental Change. Blackwell Press: Oxford
2009 (with T. Spencer and C. Embleton-Hamann) Geomorphology and Global Environmental Change. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge
2011 (with H. French) Changing Cold Environments: A Canadian Perspective. John Wiley and Sons: Chichester.

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