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Parasites, Population Cycles and Climate Change in the High Arctic

Dr. Andrew Dobson, from Princeton University, is the Graduate Student Invited Speaker for the Organismal Diversity Talk of this year.  JANUARY 30th 2013

Andrew Dobson

His talk,  “Parasites, Population Cycles and Climate Change in the High Arctic” will be the BRS next Wednesday (January 30th 12 noon)

Dr. Dobson is known as one of the leading researchers on wildlife disease ecology and on the diversity and conservation of the Serengeti, although he has worked on a variety of different ecosystems and his interests are quite diverse as you can see from his publications and website:

He will be available for meetings all day Thursday Jan. 31st. If you are interested in a time slot with him, please email Angie Nicolás, saying what time you would like to meet with him, and include your office number or preferred location.



Angie Nicolás,

MSc student, Zoology UBC

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