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English 301 is a course for learning technical writing via online platforms and targeting students of different disciplines. The focus will be on studying written communication principles to apply to business and professional situations while convey the message to the target audience. Students will be able to practice technical writing skills through preparation of report, memo, job application and various types of correspondences. There will be individual, team and instructor-led exercises where students could gain hands-on writing experiences as well as peer review feedback.

Course content is organized into four units with three lessons in each unit.

  1. Unit 1 – Creations of student blog for introduction as well as base for future communication. Learning of principles of business & technical writing for future application.
    • Lessons are setting up UBC student blog, writing for specific documents, and learning techniques for writing definitions and peer review.
  2. Unit 2 – Report proposal design by assigned teams with target audience in mind.
    • Lessons are writing formal proposal, building resume to enhance professional networking and studying techniques for writing outlines for formal report & progress report.
  3. Unit 3 – Design online reporting and job application package.
    • Lessons are studying & reviewing of techniques to write with “You Attitude”, creating draft for formal report, and review formal report.
  4. Unit 4 – Final report incorporating peer review.
    • Lessons are developing social networking strategy for job application, completing application package and formal report. Final will be submission of a completed web folio.

Looking forward to venturing into the world of English 301 technical writing via distance learning as I have never taken a distance education class before. I hope this class will inspire me and develop ability to convey message to the targeted audience.