Queer U is an interdisciplinary student academic panel organized during PRIDEweek, which is a week of queer events that Pride UBC puts together. While PRIDEweek has historically taken place in February, this year it will take place in January. Queer U has traditionally been followed with a wine & cheese reception. The first Queer U was organized in 2010 by Rachael Sullivan.

Queer U is an opportunity students from all over the university to present their work on queer and trans issues to a broad audience. The panel hopes to bring together students who work on these topics, but also to showcase the work being done at UBC in the area of sexuality(ies) and gender(s) in various faculties. The idea is to give students all over campus who are interested in these subject areas   can come see a sample of the work happening at their own university and learn more about new directions that research is taking.

Queer U is a free event, and everyone is welcome – we would love to see more people from outside UBC attend this event and bring their questions, suggestions, and perspectives.


  1. Hi Kathleen,

    I’m one of the presenters and relaying some information. 🙂 There’s no registration needed for Queer U – just show up! You can come in at any point during the day.

    As for the room, the conference will be happening in the IK Barber Learning Centre. IBLC 182 (Victoria Lecture Hall) is the “main room”, although we might end up in slightly smaller rooms nearby, such as 185. I hope this helps! We look forward to seeing you on Feb 9. 🙂

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