Past editions

~~2012 edition~~

Queer U: Are We There Yet? Questioning Progress, Rethinking Ideals

Organized by: Hélène Frohard-Dourlent, Jen Lundin Ritchie & Lars Slovin
Date: Tuesday, February 15, 2012 (all day)
Location: Multipurpose Room, The Lui Institute

KEYNOTE | 9–10 |
Val Kalende, Ugandan LGBT rights activist
“The influence of the Christian right on sexual politics in Africa”

PANEL 1 | Challenging dominant narratives | 10-12pm |

  • The Threat Posed by Female Athletes in Masculinized Sport Spaces
    Larissa Slovin, UBC, Sociology
  •  Bisexual Men’s Identities: (Re)Defining What It Means to Be Bi
    Lisa Poole, SFU, Sociology

LUNCH | 12-1 | Lunch is complimentary and vegan-friendly.

PANEL 2 | Reflections on Homonationalism | 1-2:30pm |

  • [Anti-queer violence and transitional justice]
    Katherine Fobear, UBC, Women’s and Gender Studies
  •  Migrant intimacies: Media and the practices of un/belonging in queer diasporas
    Dai Kojima, UBC, Human Development, Learning and Culture
  •  Sexuality, Nationalism, and Queer Organizing in Canada: Homonationalist discourse and the role of the media
    Fatima Jaffer, UBC, Interdisciplinary Studies

PANEL 3 | Resisting heteronormativity through art | 2:30-4:30pm |

  • The Dreamed [Imag]inary: Queer DREAM Act Art Activism in California
    Virginia Elizabeth Bartz, UCSD, Latin American Studies
  • Performative Autoethnography for Anti-Oppressive Education
    Kerri Mesner, UBC, Centre for Cross-Faculty Inquiry in Education
  • No More Utopia: Domestic and Sexual Violence Between Queer Women
    Leah Horlick, UBC, Creative Writing
  • “A Race Riot Did Happen!” (Shotgunseamstress 2009): Queer Punks of Color Raising Their Voices
    Maria Katharina Wiedlack, University of Vienna, Gender Research Office
  •  Qualitative Arts-Based Inquiry into Transgender Subjectivities in Social Work Education
    Arkell Wiley, UNBC,  Social Work

PANEL 4 | Youths’ experiences as sites of tensions and opportunities | 4:30-6pm |

  • Lesbian and gay picturebooks
    Lian Beveridge, UBC, Centre for Cross-Faculty Inquiry in Education
  • “Queer Realness”:  The Role of Online Resources in Queer Youth Identity
    Zavi Swain, UBC, Women’s and Gender Studies
  • Sexuality in Education
    Robert Bittner, UBC, Children’s Literature

Wine & Cheese Reception | 6-9pm | 

All welcome. Continue conversations you had at the Conference, make new contacts, and celebrate a job well done. Free entry. Complimentary refreshments served. Two pieces of ID (19+) needed for wine service.

~~2011 edition~~

Queer U: The promise and praxis of “making it better”

Organized by: Hélène Frohard-Dourlent
Date: Tuesday, February 8, 2011 (4-7pm)
Location: The Penthouse Lounge, Graduate Student Society (GSS) Building

Download the event poster here (pdf/image file).

PANEL 1 | Queering research as activism

  • Normalcy, boundaries, and heterosexism: An exploration of online lesbian health queries
    Andrea Polonijo, Sociology
  • Public/Private: Latent homophobia, feminisms, and the politics of anonymity
    Daniel Swenson, Women’s Studies
  • “40 Years After the Flood”: A brief examination of gay liberation and student activism at UBC
    David Anderson, Centre for Cross-Faculty Inquiry in Education
  • A Place of Promise? How the University campus figures in sexual exploration for students
    Rachael Sullivan, Sociology

PANEL 2 | New topics in queer research

  • Transgenderism through Chinese History: From Han-era medical texts to Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
    Jen Lundin Ritchie, Asian Studies
  • Characteristics of asexuality
    Morag Yule, Psychology
  • Innovations in sexual-political activism: Queer theology meets Theatre of the Oppressed
    Kerri Mesner, Centre for Cross-Faculty Inquiry in Education

Full abstracts for the presentations can be found here.

~~2010 edition~~

Queer U: Transpire, Transgress, Transform

Organized by: Rachael Sullivan
Date: Monday, February 8, 2010
SUB Party Room

  • UBC Rules: Some thoughts and reflections on Jane Rule, LGBT history at UBC and Ecocriticism
    David Anderson
  • How sex and space matter at UBC
    Rachael Sullivan
  • Transcending sameness: Transformations in anti-homophobia education
    Hélène Frohard-Dourlent

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