International Student Representative – An Interview


Brittany Perna? Our new International Student Rep? Who is she?

I’ve seen Brittany three times this week; at the 2010/11 Tuition Increase Proposal, at yesterday’s AMS Council Meeting and today, when I had a chance to ask her some questions about being our new International Student Representative. All of these times I’ve found her very friendly and open to ideas. She is genuinely excited about her new position and is looking forward to being an active member of the AMS.

Brittany describes doing the foundation and the research work as daunting but explains that she is a person that will only talk when she is sure that she can back up her claims. – How do you grasp everything? That’s going to be the scariest part, but talking and fighting to keep the seat is not that bad. –

Most importantly, she is willing to hear what students have to say. – The more e-mails that can come in, the better. –

What are you three main goals as International Student Rep.?

Fostering a sense of community within the international body, fight to keep the seat in the AMS Council and speak out about rising tuition every year.

How would you describe the last International Rep.’s role in the council?

Nazanin was crucial, as the first representative, in doing groundwork. She started a lot of connections within international groups on campus. She was the foundation and has done a lot of research, which is passing down to me this week.

Who are the first people that you will contact as International Rep.?

From the administration the tuition people and from the student body I don’t know yet, I still have to do research as there are a lot of groups.

Who are you representing and how will you make sure that you hear their voice?

I will hear anyone who’s willing to talk but there is a need to make it known that there is a seat in the council and a representative and a place to go to to make your voice heard.

How do you see your relationship with the ISA?

As I’m currently only in the Facebook group, the relationship is non-existent right now. But I’m trying to get closer. It’s not a huge organization so I feel that close communication can be established. It’s always better to have a few active members than many apathetic.

Well Brittany, I wish you the best and I really do hope that you you get a lot of e-mails from all our international students.

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