It’s All About Communication

Isn’t that what people always say?

But… What if there’s no known way of communication that actually works?

I was recently asked to think of ways in which the University might “better communicate – and be in dialogue with – students.”


I have no idea.

But I seriously wish I had!

Taking over Facebook? Twitter? Email? Blogs? Webpages? Posters? Class announcements? Radio programs? Speaker announcements in every library? Troubadours in every corner?

I´ve even thought of having students working for the university whose sole, secret job would be to go around telling their friends what´s going on with the university!   —-and the ideas just get weirder and weirder.

My question? ->

What does the university have to do to interest students?

What does it have to do to interest you?

—Hi Couple!—

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I'm from a small and beautiful town next to a big and amazing lake in Guatemala.
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5 Responses to It’s All About Communication

  1. yamyam says:


    Also, whatever mode of communication it is, it has to be way more specific and TARGETED than most of this UBC info that is sent out currently. Most of the time emails and websites are just packed with links to labour over, leading to websites that lead to other websites with general statements only to realize it is of no practical use to me.

  2. Eastwood says:

    Have you thought about applying to be a part of the 2011 SLC Planning Committee? Applications are now open.

  3. Tyler says:

    Who at the university should be communicating? And communicating what? I to best answer your question, those questions should first be answered; most students I know would just ignore AMS election updates on Facebook due to lack of interest, and I doubt anybody in a position of power at UBC would regularly check a Twitter account for responses on how to evolve the university.

  4. valentina says:

    Actually, some people with ‘a position of power at UBC’ are trying to engage in social media to better communicate with students. Not Twitter, but blogs, and they do check back on them! :D

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