Student Evaluations of Teaching

Yes… I fill them out.

Question: Answering lots of questions about what you classes have been like this term is:
a) a great way to procrastinate
b) a good time to reflect about what you have learnt
c) a way of thanking inspiring professors
d) an easy way to let out the boiling anger that you have been cultivating towards that professor that you really really dislike
e) all of the above

Answer: e

I find that these evaluations really make me think about how professors teach, but most importantly, how I learn, and what I look for in a professor.

Some things that stood out from this term’s evaluations:

– No, I do not appreciate being treated like a 5-year-old

– Yes, I like having a variety of small papers and in-class essays instead of one huge final

– No, I do not like having a textbook that uses Canada and western culture as the center of the world

– Yes, I love it when professors show passion for what they teach

– No, I do not want to waste my time with a TA who doesn’t know what she/he is doing

– Yes, I enjoy being taught about the professor’s own research

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  1. Tyler says:

    *what your classes

    Agreed :) I too fill them out. Though, I wish they’d leave it open until after exam period so I don’t have to fill them out during the class/final rush…

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