Did you know that Gatorade was invented at the University of Florida?

As it turns out, the University of Florida’s mascot is the Gator. And they’re really into sports. So into sports that they have a football stadium for 90,000 people! And it’s always full during games!

I’m in Gainesville, Florida, and as a student ambassador at UBC (and because I have nothing to do for 2 weeks) I was curious to see the UF campus and go on a tour of a university as big as UBC.

I was surprised to notice that a lot of the things are very similar on the tours. Their tour guides highlight the same things we do about big schools – all the student groups, involvement, opportunities, resources… etc. They also have 12 libraries, and class sizes are about the same. Also, they have the exact same emergency pole system!

What I liked the most was the campus – it’s green and lushy (is that a word?). All their buildings are made of brick, which makes it kind of nice. I guess I also liked the school spirit -it’s all Gators and everything is blue and orange- but I’m not a fan of school spirit coming from violent sports.

The tour guide was very friendly and approachable (as I hope we are!) and people go to class in dresses and flip flops. However, even though it was a great tour and it seems like a great university, I wouldn’t think it twice if I had to decide between UF and UBC.

While Gainesville is a nice town, it doesn’t even compare to Vancouver. Our online systems seem to be much better (library/ssc/vista/websites), and I don’t see how I could concentrate in academics with such a humid and stuffy weather! It doesn’t seem to be as multicultural as UBC, or to have as many international experience opportunities.

I guess it’s a good sign that after two years I’m still in love with UBC  :D.

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  1. miriam says:

    Awesome comparative study, haha! This makes me want to visit other universities.

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