What does a University Degree get you?

This post has no answers. It only has questions. Questions which are, no doubt, hard to answer. But I believe they are questions which need thinking about and – eventually – answering if universities¬†are to continue to be the education driving force they strive to be. Many students are coming to university with the sole […]

Botnet attack on UBC WordPress websites

For the past 24 hours (since about 10PM on 21st July 2014), UBC IT has detected a large botnet attack specifically targeting WordPress websites. If your site is hosted on UBC CMS or UBC Blogs, you should have no reason for concern. This sort of attack happens regularly and we have systems in place to […]

TimThumb Vulnerability June 2014

tl;dr: UBC Blogs, UBC CMS and the new CTLT Events websites are not and were not vulnerable. Your blog or cms site is and was safe. A serious vulnerability was disclosed earlier this week in a popular third-party image manipulation script called TimThumb. The vulnerability allowed an unauthorized visitor to create, remove and modify many […]

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