Students and post-doctoral fellows are at the heart of everything that I do at UBC, and they are my top priority. I have had the great privilege of working with some very bright and motivated trainees. These are the trainees whom I have supervised or co-supervised over the years.

Current Trainees

Sergei Issaev (MASc)
Adam Porisky (MASc)
Sarah Song (BSc)
Maryam Tayyab (MASc)
Yuanyuan Wei (PhD)
Huilin Yang (PhD)


Post-Doctoral Fellows

Dr. Pirooz Chubak
Dr. Ying Wai (Lisa) Tang

PhD Students

Dr. Tom Brosch
Dr. Albert Huang
Dr. Youngjin Yoo

Master’s Thesis Students

Saurabh Garg
Omer Ishaq
Jeremy Kawahara
Marco Law
Fahime Sheikhzadeh
Chunfang Wang
Youngjin Yoo

Graduate Internship and Visiting Students

Shahab Aslani
Arvin Bahrabadi
Alice Casagrande Cesconetto
Bruno Gregório
Alaa Heshmati
Jingyi (Alexis) Huang
John Newberry
Jiawei (Diane) Sun
Luyao (Lorena) Wang
Kiki Mengyao Yang

Undergraduate Internship, Directed Studies, Summer, and Co-op Students

Robert Bergner
Tom Brosch
Rita Chiu
Jack Chiu
Pang Chieh (Jason) Chiu
William Gu
Xu Qiu (Karen) Guo
Hengda He
Megan Hii
Megan Le
Kennedy Lemon
Xingtong Liu
Anneke Meyer
Marko Rak
Marcel Sheeny
Paxton Smith
Matthew Toom
Henry Tran
Lorna Tu
Ching Wen (Jessica) Wang
Darren Whiteside
Elizabeth Wicks
Eugene Xiu
Jackie Yik

Last updated 20-FEB-2021