My primary research interest lies in the interface between theoretical phonology and experimental phonetics. Specifically, I am interested in information-theoretic approaches to phonology and how this statistic aspect of phonology interacts with speech processing.

In my current research project, I am testing whether and how functional load of Cantonese lexical tones influences the perceived similarity of the tones among native and heritage Cantonese speakers.

I am also working on extending the functionality of Phonological CorpusTools (PCT) by adding representation and analytical functions at the syllable level, so that the future versions of PCT will be able to extract and quantify phonological phenomena that take place at the suprasegmental level.

Aside from the p-side of linguistics, I am also interested the semantics of Mainland Comox (ʔayʔaǰuθəm), a Coast Salish language. In particular, I am looking into the comparative constructions with Daniel Reisinger and the interaction between different quantifiers in the language.