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Sep 23 / Roson

Cool Source of Information

I started out my research with Google search engine and I did notice a few websites that  follow the commodity market quite closely and produce timely updates about the crops in the commodity market. Here are a few websites I found this week that provided me useful information:

  • Reuters US (
    • Reuters[1] is the world’s most renowned news media, it is widely recognized as a credible source of global news and analysis, etc.
    • You can find the news about the crops: corn, wheat, soybeans by using their search engine (For example, for soybeans news, you would have the most updated lists of news here:
  • Agriculture Alberta (
    • This website is published by Government of Albert, it has information, news about Alberta and Canadian agriculture business and market; It also have information,news about the global agriculture market. I found the information of US crops production areas from their site ($department/deptdocs.nsf/all/sis5219).
    • What’s more, it has a weekly audio update interviewing industry professionals about the Grains and Oilseed market; global and local highlights, some analysis and forecast will be delivered every Friday.  The report they had this week about soybeans has a good summary of the soybeans market and more ($department/newslett.nsf/all/cotl19969).
  • Bloomberg ( It is an American multinational mass media[2]. Quite a few news articles about soybeans I read this week were published by them.


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2. Wikipedia. (2012,Sept.). Bloomberg L.P. Retrieved from


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  1. Yijeong / Sep 27 2012

    Good search!

  2. Roson / Sep 30 2012

    Thanks Yijeong!

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