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Nov 4 / Roson

Week 7 – Cool Source of Information

This week I came across 2 cool websites that focus on trading, provide knowledge and different tools for trading.

  • ( It has in depth analysis in the worldwide commodity industry (eg. American commodity industry, Canadian commodity industry,etc.); is has commodities database divided into different sectors (e.g. Agricultural)  providing ways to invest in the commodity futures markets with news, articles and analyses.  It also provides extensive knowledge about the trading platforms and trading in futures. Lastly, it has up-to-date heatmap keeping track of the movements of the commodity markets. (i.e. price changes in percentage per week, month, etc).
  • ( This site has a lot to offer to help you get an extensive look into the trading markets.  It has an auto-refresh screen to display the prices of the markets. What’s more,  it aggregates the commodities of the same category with their latest contracts listed.  This saves you time in browsing around for their prices.  On the other hand, you will be able to find a lot of commentators sharing their ideas and thoughts about the markets on a daily basis.  Their commentaries are useful for forming trading strategies.




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