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Nov 4 / Roson

Week 7 – The Road Ahead : with if’s

There are 2 major things that should most likely to make a notable impact on the futures market this week. First, Tuesday, Nov 6 is the US presidential election day. Second, USDA will be releasing their monthly crop estimation on Friday Nov 9.

Some commentary mentioned that if Romney won the election, he would end the ethanol mandate put in place by Obama which would affect the ethanol price, as a result,  hit the corn market as well[1].  Under the ethanol mandate, about  15  percent  of  global  corn  production  is converted  into  ethanol  for  fuel  use[2]. This has largely driven up the corn prices. Therefore, if the ethanol mandate would be lifted off by any chance (if Romney got elected), we should anticipate the corn prices to fall.

On the other hand, analysts suggested that the US 2012 soybean and corn harvests were larger than what the USDA projected in October[3]. Therefore, if the report corrected the estimation with higher crop production, the futures prices of corn and soybeans should go down for the day trade on Friday.

As for the wheat market, I anticipate it to be bullish under the tight supply and increasing demand in the world market.




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  1. mliew / Nov 11 2012

    Hey Roson,
    These are really great observations about the US elections and its implications for the specific commodities that I didn’t know before. I learnt something new today, thanks!

  2. Roson / Nov 12 2012

    Cool! I learned that from research as well. =P

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