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Nov 17 / Roson

Week 9 : Cool Source of Information – Back to the basics

I am not having new sites or new places to visit. This week is about back to basic, making good use of the tools already found and underused by myself over the weeks, for technical analysis or fundamental.

  • CME Group (e.g.  As we develop more knowledge about technical analysis and want to use more of it, the types of charts and the features available for the charts we use become crucial.  CEM group trading pages not only provide the auto-refresh price information when the market is open, but also the charts of price movements in difference forms (e.g. line, bar, candlestick, area).  The charts also provide options to show features on top of the price movements like moving average, volume and open interest,  RSI (relative strength index), etc. All these come quite handy for technical analysis.
  • All the major news media, some particular for crops. It’s good to keep updated with the daily news as Jim suggested, not only for the trading purpose, but also for ourselves to be in touch with what’s happening in our community and the world.  All the information collected would be helpful for analysis of the economy as well.  Here are a few news media I have been using over the weeks and will continue to use. Some of them are found by google search, some are from fellow classmates’ cool source:


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