Corporate Social Responsability

Companies and firms today all focus on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), however many of them do it for the wrong reasons, with companies like Walmart which donates lots of money to social causes but only when it suites the companies bottom line and use it as a smokescreen to hide problems within their own companies. Its as if companies like those think they can buy customers by donating money to charity. One company however which has CSR and positive social values at their CORE! Lush Cosmetics! I agree with Juliana Phan who commented on Lush’s marketing technique against animal testing.

I think companies like lush should be commended not only for standing up for their beliefs and values but their unique marketing techniques choosing to educated the public and hoping that the sales come from that. I think this is the right way to do CSR rather than focusing first on how to maximise sales then helping the community based on that. I feel like companies who do that are missing the boat completely and are why consumers are always so cynical about businesses motives. While a company’s responsibility is to the shareholders and to make profit if a company does choose to participate in CSR it should be for the right reasons.

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