Make Sure Your Content is Right

When I read an article from Social Media Today by Anita Loomba, I felt that this article relates to my previous post. So, I decided to write about this article and add some ideas that relate to my previous post.

To have a right content in your social media, you need to have a defined goal or objective. But, how to come up with a right goal? As I mentioned in my previous post, you need to understand your customer first. By knowing and understanding your buyer, it will be easy to understand what information do your buyers actually seek. Once you understand all that, I believe you will be able to set a clear goal that will also tie to your business objective.

Anita is also pointing out that without a good teamwork and communication within all content creators, it would be hard to set a specific goal for your content. So, in order to have a consistent content, you are required to have a good collaboration with each department. An inconsistent content will definitely lead both your exiting and potential customers to confusion, and eventually result in customer loss.

As I said, to establish a good and interesting content, you need to understand your customers. To do so, you need to interact and engage with your customers. In other words, you are required to consistently monitor and listen to your customers, and then create and tailor your content to specifically target your readers.

In addition, Anita also mentioned that it is important to explore different channels to market your content. I agree with her. I also believe that understanding each available channel and how your customers use them will help you to tailor your content.

It is just a fun video we watched in class, showing how you will lose customers by not listening and understanding them.

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