Google+: Managing Business Page

Working for my group project client, Tangoo, our group decided to touch on Google+ and Google AdWords. In charge of Tangoo’s Google+ business page, I researched on how setting up Google+ business page can increase both awareness and engagement. Here are some tips in managing your Google+ business page:

1)   Set up a Google+ Business Page

Having a Google+ business page will allow your customers to find your company in Google search. Google+ page will appear in the right hand side of the search page.

2)   Spread the words

After setting up Google+ business page, you are required to spread the words that your business is in Google+, since your updates or posts cannot be seen by people who have not follow your page. This can be done by having the Google+ Badge button in your website home page. You can also have the +1 button. In fact, it is best practices to have the +1 button in every of your blog posts. Not only it will allow people to share the posts publicly, but also it will increase transparency because people can see how many people had actually “like” your posts.

3)   Segment your customers to different Circles

In Google+, you can have more than one circle, allowing businesses to segment their customers into certain groups. For example, you can segment your followers to regular customers and VIPs. Segmenting your customers allows you to easily target your posts specifically by choosing on which circle you want to post your updates to.

4)   Join community

Google+ also allow your business to join community that related to your business. After joining a community, you can start to engage by answering some questions, and posting your thoughts, and eventually you can become a thought leader in the industry. In addition, you can also understand more about your audience and gain some insights for your products or services. Carefully monitoring the community will eventually give your business the opportunities to share posts or articles from your website, driving traffic to your website.

5)   Integrate social media channels to one and another

It is best practice to have all your social media channels to integrate with one and another. Thus, it is best for your business to put your other social media channels’ links in the Google+ business page, driving traffic towards your other channels, and allowing other people to have better understanding of your business.

Do you have another tips on managing Google+ for businesses? Please leave them in the comment box below…

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