Trek Toronto – The Next Frontier

Among all the wonderful opportunities offered by this program, I believe that this was the one that contributed the most to my personal development. Along with this, I feel that I have obtained a clearer understanding of what my dream career path is.

The trek was a length of four days (Tuesday to Friday) during our break week. The schedule of our visits was excellently structured and the Business Career Center team was able to create a list of very interesting companies. We had the opportunity to visit companies of different sectors, from Facebook to IBM, from BMO to Google, and Labatt to Deloitte.

With a small group of MM colleagues, we decided to arrive to Toronto early in order to visit the city and understand what it would be like to live there. I must say we arrived to Toronto not in the coldest period, but most definitely not in spring. The city was covered in snow and it kept snowing during our entire visit. However, it made the environment even more magical and spectacular.

Both the visits to the companies and the alumni mixer were truly useful in understanding more about working environments and working possibilities. I would have never expected to see such a warm and creative environment within companies. It’s now clear to me how and why companies are driven to such perfection!

The opportunity to meet fantastic geniuses from big companies is not a frequent occurrence, and I would never have had the experience if I didn’t join the MM program. When it comes to applying for jobs or talking with friends about companies, you don’t really know how it is – you have to experience these things with your very own eyes. Some companies are so forward thinking and innovative that by just talking to them, it opened my mind to so many new perspectives.

I have just one comment about Trek Toronto: Fantastic!

And now… to the new adventure, to the final frontier!


Study Abroad? Why not!

One of the many opportunities offered by this exemplary Master program is the possibility to study abroad. As an international student, this is a great opportunity for me to improve my business knowledge and to study in different environments.

There are many locations that are offered to the students. Coming from Europe, I was especially interested in continuing my studies during the summer in an Asian or American location.

It would be very interesting for me to spend two months studying in Beijing or Shanghai.  The difference from the American and European culture would help me acquire more experience when I would have to work with Chinese companies. On the other hand, why not go to Harvard, another opportunity that is offered by the program? The quality and recognition of this school could always help whenever you are looking for a job.

These are just some of the many opportunities that this program offers you. When you think about this, you know that you will come in contact with a different culture and you will gain flexibility in relating with different environments wherever you go.

This will not be the conclusion of the Master of Management program; this will be the beginning of the new life, granted by the MM program.


Tiziano Menconi

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