Beyond the Academics of Periods 1 & 2

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Having just started our December break, I think I can speak on behalf of the class by saying we all need to relax and rest over the coming weeks. I wonder how we even made it this far! I think the Tim Horton’s coffee and Triple O’s burgers definitely helped! Nonetheless, it was important for many classmates and I to try not to get lost purely in academics during this demanding time.

For a lot of us, this meant taking part in fitness activities and athletics. As a class we formed a soccer team. We had solid group of players that competed in one to two matches a week. We had a fantastic start to the season, winning all of our matches and achieving a goal differential of greater than 10. It was amazing to see everyone enjoy themselves, especially for those that hadn’t played the sport in a while.

Beyond soccer, people wanted to play a few different sports including football, volleyball, and basketball. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough demand to pull more teams together, however, we filled this void by partaking in drop-in sports on campus. A handful of us also made our way onto the MBA hockey team, giving us another opportunity to mingle with our grad school peers.

Outside of organized sports, many people have blown off steam and kept fit by going to the gym, hiking the local mountains, and going to yoga.

For Periods 3, 4, and 5 we have already signed up a flag football team, a futsal (indoor soccer team), and some of us are returning to the MBA hockey team. Other activities such as skiing, yoga (as mentioned), and snowshoeing are also in the works. The New Year will bring us all together again, and I can’t wait to see everyone tie up their running shoes, and clip on their skis!

– Kanha Shete

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