Day of the Longboat 2014

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As one of the MM students that also did her undergrad at UBC, the MM experience has been a little different for me than it has for others. Although I did not have some of the challenges of adjusting to life in Vancouver (e.g the regular and sometimes seemingly-constant rain), thus far it has been interesting experience to be a Masters student at UBC. With five years of experience on this vast campus I know the resources that are available, the awesome annual events and all of the good hidden study spots.  With this great knowledge comes the great responsibility of passing it along to MMs who are new to the UBC Vancouver Campus!

One of my favourite events at UBC has always been the Day of the Longboat that happens every year on the third weekend of September. Students, staff, faculty, alumni and community members gather along the coast of Jericho Beach and race boats that fit up to 10 people. This year it was my pleasure to help rally the troops and have our very own MM team enter the 15 minute race under the team name ‘SeaEOs’. Although we had a rocky start to the race, as any good SeaEO we managed to stay composed, stay positive and fight till the very end. With a little bit of hard work and a few sea shanties our team advanced to the second round! However, as you will soon find out with the MM program, there isn’t enough time to spend a whole day at sea so we had to forfeit the second race so we could head back to Sauder to study for our upcoming exams.

The Day of the Longboat was a great day to connect with the other MM students especially as it was early on in the year. The other non-UBC undergraduate students seemed to really enjoy feeling a part of the great community that is UBC. It was also a great chance for UBC undergraduate students to also experience an event that they had always wanted to but never had the chance in their undergrad.

Whether you have completed your undergraduate degree here at UBC or are joining this beautiful university for the first time, there are tons of great ways to get involved, enjoy the Vancouver area and have some fun with fellow classmates!

– Filza Qureshi

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