Final Reports

These reports are only a few of the final reports posted on UBC’s library repository. We are in the process of uploading more reports. For information on other projects and reports please reach us using the contact page.

Shaping the Heart: A Commercial Strategy for 22nd Street Station Area – By Laura Chow, Alexandra Heinen, Jean Roe and Tru Taylor and Jean Roe with City of New Westminster.

Exploring Innovative Models for Tenant Relocation – By Mark MacNaughton, Itzel Sánchez and Mark Poskitt with Metro Vancouver

Balancing Transportation and the Public Realm: Elevated Skytrain Integration and the Campus Experience – By Sean Bailey, Nidah Dara, Emily Johnson, Jose Wong Cok in Partnership with UBC Campus + Community Planning.

Shifting Gears : Stadium Road Neighbourhood as a Leader in ConnectivityBy Saki Aono, Chris Mah, and Sasha Van Stavel with UBC Campus + Community Planning.

Ecosystemic Urbanism at UBC  – By Allison Lasocha, Andrew Martin, Kristy McConnel, and Meghan Murray working in partnership with UBC Campus + Community Planning.