Prospective Partners

SCARP welcomes new partnerships with a wide variety of organizations working in planning broadly defined. We invite prospective partners to download Planning Studio 2022, which includes the following general requirements for a partnership.

Project Descriptions (Requested from project partners ASAP)

Organizations interested in partnering with the SCARP Planning Studio are encouraged to contact a studio instructor to discuss project ideas and to help craft a brief description of their project(s) with the following sections completed.

  1. Project Abstract – Title and overview of the project, including the main objectives, target audience, key stakeholders and anticipated impacts.
  2. Background – Relevant context on the issue to be addressed and the reasons why the project is being initiated. Please include links/attachments of any key reference documents.
  3. Partner Profile – Overview of the partner organization, mission and interest in the proposed project. Please also provide name, position and contact for the project lead and/or primary point person, i.e. the individual that the students will report to on a regular basis and who will provide feedback to the student team.
  4. Scope of Work – Definition of the geographical, demographic and/or temporal scope as well as an outline of the main outputs that would contribute to the partner’s goals for the project. The student team will undertake a more detailed scoping of work in collaboration with the project partner at the outset of the project and this will form part of the Project Proposal.
  5. Deliverables – There are four main written deliverables required with the following approximate dates.
    1. Project Proposal (mid to end of October)
    2. Interim Report (early December)
    3. Draft Report (early March)
    4. Final Report (early April)

Student teams will present their Proposal, Interim Report and Final Report.

If there are additional deliverables anticipated for the proposed project, please indicate these along with when they would ideally be expected.  These will be discussed and confirmed with the Studio Faculty and student team at the outset of the project.

  1. Required Skills and Experience – Students are selected and matched to projects based on their interests, backgrounds, skills and experience. To assist with this process, please outline any specific skills and/or experience that you feel will be required to execute the proposed project.  These capacities may be technical in nature (i.e. GIS) or relate to soft skills (i.e. experience working in community settings and/with First Nations).
  2. Project Costs –  The partner contribution fee is indicated in the information pdf above. A portion of this fee is allotted to the student teams to cover minor expenses associated with local travel, materials, printing, etc. as well as our hosting of large public presentations. Please indicate any significant additional expenses anticipated for the proposed project.