Coming to the end…


any who, I was looking at the lists of prompts that were given for Beauvoir and Conrad and number five instantly grabbed me “is Marlowe racist” I didn’t realize we would have the option of writing about Christopher Marlowe, how exciting. I will say briefly that Marlowe could be conceived as racist because all the characters are white and as typical in this time period whenever something is described as negative it is also black (i.e Othello) and don’t forget there is a play called the Jew of Malta. But does that make Marlowe racist or simply a product of his time like our friend Isabella Thorpe – that is up to you!

in our discussion of Heart of Darkness one thing kept going on in my head: the lyrics from Spring Awakening. I will try and attach the video below.

one more typed essay guys!

let me know if the link works.



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  1. Ha ha…I messed up and spelled Marlow’s name wrong from Conrad. I keep putting an “e” on the end.

    The link worked! Thanks for sharing. I can see why it was going through your head. Now it’s going through mine.

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