Musings on the summer and life

Today I got the e-mail from Gayle Murphy talking about the first day of the BFA on September 2nd and it really brought home the fact that in a weeks time I will be returning to UBC to begin my theatre training.


It is funny to think that 30 years to the day, my parents were also starting their journey to not only acting but finding love. I realize more and more how big of shoes I have to fill.

So my book for Italian 101 is bought and my class routes mapped and now all I can do is muse on what i accomplished this summer.

1) I worked my first Arts Umbrella Summer Camp

2) I apprenticed at Bard on the Beach

3) was able to pay my first term tuition without bawling into a ball and crying (pretty much)

4) only made a fool of myself once – or six times while going out.

5) allowed myself to be more open to all the shit that the word feels to throw at my face

I always want to write more but then i start and get bored so that is it…my summer in point form.

I also hope that this doesn’t show up on the Arts one blog hub….that would be strange lol

I hope someone out here reads this.

What have you all been doing this summer?

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