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The UBC Library recently published the fonds for Sherrill Grace. They may be accessed here.

A. Scholarly Editions:

Landscapes of War and Memory: The Two World Wars in Canadian Literature and the Arts, 1977–2007. Wayne State University Press, October 2014.

Finalist for Foreword Reviews‘ 2014 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Award.


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Mina Benson Hubbard’s “A Woman’s Way Through Unknown Labrador.” Edited with an Introduction. McGill-Queen’s UP, 2004.
Satan in a Barrel: Malcolm Lowry’s Early Stories.  Edited, annotated, with introduction.  Edmonton: Juvenilia P, 1999.
Sursum Corda: The Collected Letters of Malcolm Lowry, Vol. II (London: Jonathan Cape, and Toronto: UTP, 1996) 974 pp, with the assistance of K.Y. Chung.
Sursum Corda: The Collected Letters of Malcolm Lowry, Vol. I (London: Jonathan Cape, and Toronto: UTP, 1995), 730 pp.


B. Monographs

Co-ed. with P. Imbert and T. Johnstone, Bearing Witness: Perspectives on War and Peace from the Arts and Humanities
McGill-Queen’s UP, 2012.Press Release
Inventing Tom Thomson: From Biographical Fictions to Fictional Autobiographies McGill-Queen’s UP, 2004.
On the Art of Being Canadian
UBC Press, 2009.
Canada and the Idea of North. (Montreal & Kingston: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2002) 365 pp.

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Regression and Apocalypse: Studies in North American Literary Expressionism (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1989) 312 pp.
Violent Duality: A Study of Margaret Atwood (Montreal: Véhicule P, 1980) 154 pp. Reprinted pp. 79-86 from Violent Duality in Short Story Criticism (Gale 1989).
The Voyage That Never Ends: Malcolm Lowry’s Fiction (Vancouver: U of British Columbia P, 1982) 160 pp. (publ. 29 Nov. 1982). “The Luminous Wheel” in Malcolm Lowry: Under the Volcano, ed. Gordon Bowker (London: Macmillan, 1987), pp. 152-71. Reprinted from The Voyage That Never Ends.



C. Edited Collections

Making Theatre: A Life of Sharon Pollock. Vancouver: Talonbooks, 2008.

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  Theatre and Autobiography. co-edited with Jerry Wasserman. Vancouver, Talonbooks, 2006.
Performing National Identities: International Perspectives on Contemporary Canadian Theatre, co-edited with Albert-Reiner Glaap. Vancouver: Talonbooks, 2003.
Sharon Pollock Three Plays, introductory essay. Toronto: Playwrights Canada Press, 2003.
Painting the Maple. Essays on Race, Gender, and the Construction of Canada, co-edited with V. Strong-Boag, A. Eisenberg, and J. Anderson. Vancouver: UBC Press.
Representing North. A special issue of Essays on Canadian Writing, guest-edited with introduction and one chapter. 59 (Fall 1996). 230 pp.
Staging the North: Twelve Canadian Plays, co-edited with L. Chalykoff and E. D’Aeth. Toronto: Playwrights Canada Press, 1999.

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Edited collection (with two contributions), Swinging the Maelstrom: New Perspectives on Malcolm Lowry. Montreal: McGill-Queens U.P., 1992, 270 pages. See nos. 37 and 38. Translation of pages 9-10 in Alberto Gironella: El Via Crucis del Consul (Barcelona 1992): 44-45.
Co-ed. with L. Weir, Margaret Atwood: Language, Text and System (Vancouver: U of British Columbia P, 1983) 158 pp.

D. Selected Critical Articles & Chapters in Books

  • “Timothy Findley’s ‘Stones’: Names, Symbols, and Stories” in Gained Ground: Perspectives on Canadian and Comparative North American Studies, Eva Gruber and Caroline Rosenthal eds. (New York: Boydell & Brewer. 2018).
  • “Timothy Findley, His Biographers, and The Piano Man’s Daughter” in Text Matters: A Journal of Literature, Theory and Culture (No. 8, 2018) 414-430.
  • “Sharon Pollock’s Doc and the Biographer’s Dilemma.” Theatre and AutoBiography. Eds. S. Grace and J. Wasserman. Vancouver: Talonbooks, 2006. 275-88.
  • “Introduction,” The Circle Game by Margaret Atwood (Toronto: Anansi, 1978) 9-15. Reprinted 1998.
  • “Duality and Series: Forms of the Canadian Immigartion,” Canadian Review of Comparative Literature (Fall 1980) 438-51.
  • “Wastelands and Badlands: The Legacies of Pynchon and Kroetsch” (with illus.), in Beyond Nationalism, ed. Evelyn J. Hinz, with a Prologue by Robert Kroetsch (Winnipeg: Mosaic, 1981) 21-34.
  • “Margaret Atwood and the Poetics of Duplicity,” in The Art of Margaret Atwood, eds. C. and A. Davidson (Toronto: Anansi, 1981) 55-68.
  • “A Northern Quality: Voaden’s Canadian Expressionism,” Canadian Drama 8 (1982): 1-14.
  • “Western Myth and Northern History: The Plains Indians of Berger and Wiebe,” Great Plains Quarterly 3.3 (1983): 146-56.
  • “Quest for the Peaceable Kingdom: Urban/Rural Codes in Roy, Laurence and Atwood” (1illus.), Women Writers and the City, ed. Susan Squier (Knoxviller: U of Tennessee P, 1984) 193-209. Rpt. in Canadian Literature: Recent Essays, ed. M. Trikha (Delhi: Pencroft International, 1994), 148-64.
  • “Structuring Violence: ‘The Ethics of Linguistics’ in The Temptations of Big Bear,” Canadian Literature 104 (Spring 1985): 7-22.
  • “A Northern Modernism: Canadian Artists in the Twenties” (4 illus.), The Literary Criterion 19.3-4 (1985): 105-24.
  • “A Northern Modernism,” abridged version without illustrations reprinted in Canada: Ieri e Oggi vol II, ed. Giovanni Bonano (Faesano, Italy: Schena Editore, 1986): 425-40.
  • ” ‘Consciousness of Shipwreck’: Ortega y Gasset and Malcolm Lowry’s Concept of the Artist,” in Ortega y Gasset: Proceedings of the ‘Expectador universalInternational Interdisciplinary Conference, ed. Nora de Marvel-McNair (New York: Greenwood Press, 1987), pp. 137-42.
  • ” ‘An Assembly of apparently incongruous parts’: Intertextuality in Lowry’s ‘Through the Panama,’” Proceedings of the Malcolm Lowry Conference, eds. Gordon Bowker and Paul Tiessen (London: U of London, 1985) 135-65; extensively revised version in Apparently Incongruous Parts, ed. paul Tiessen (Metuchen, N.Y.: Scarecrow Press, 1988), pp. 187-229.
  • ” ‘A Sound of Singing’: Polyphony and Narrative Decentering in Malcolm Lowry’s Hear Us O Lord,” an invited contribution to Modes of Narrative: Approaches to English, American and Canadian Fiction, eds. Reingard N. Nischik and Barbara Korte (Würzburg: Königshausen u. Neumann, 1990), pp. 129-40.
  • “In Search of Demeter: The Lost, Silent Mother in Atwood’s Surfacing,” Margaret Atwood: Vision and Form, ed. Kathryn Van Spanckeren (S. Illinois University Press, 1988): 35-47.
  • ” ‘The Daily Crucifixion of the Post’: Editing and Theorizing the Lowry Letters,” Challenges, Projects, Texts: Canadian Editing, ed. John Lennox and Janet M. Paterson (New York: AMS Press, 1993), pp. 26-53.
  • “Gender as Genre: Atwood’s Autobiographical ‘I’,” Margaret Atwood: New Critical Essays, ed. Colin Nicholson (London: Macmillan, 1993), pp. 189-203.
  • “Comparing Mythologies,” The Borderlands Anthology, ed. Robert Lecker (Toronto: ECW Press, 1991): 243-262.
  • “The Archeology of Editing: ‘Caravan of Silence’,” Malcolm Lowry Review, 29/30 (1991-92): 64-77.
  • “The Asperin Tree and the Volcano: Carol Phillips and Malcolm Lowry,” Journal of Modern Literature XVII.4 (1994): 509-20.
  • “Bodily Harm: Women/Literature/Violence,” Zeitschrift der Gesellschaft für Kanada-Studien no. 1 (1992): 13-23.
  • “Respecting Plagiarism: Tradition, Guilt and Malcolm Lowry’s ‘pelagiarist pen,’” English Studies in Canada XVIII, 4 (December 1992): 462-82. Winner of F.E.L. Priestley Prize, 1993.
  • “Franklin Lives: Atwood’s Northern Ghosts” in Various Atwoods: Essays on the Late Poems, Short Fiction, and Novels, ed. Lorraine York (Toronto: Anansi, 1995), 146-66.
  • “Robert Kroetsch and the Semiotics of North,” Open Letter 5/6 (Spring/Summer, 1996): 13-24, plus cover image.
  • “Ut Pictura Poesis: From Alberto Gironella to Malcolm Lowry,” in Canadian Literature 142/43 (1994): 191-203.
  • “Documenting the Komagata Maru Incident,” with G. Helms, in Painting the Maple.  85-99.
  • “From Landscape to Soundscape: The Northern Arts of Canada,” with S. Haag.  Mosaic 31.7 (1998): 101-22.
  • “Going North on Judith Thompson’s Sled.”  Essays in Theatre 16.2 (1998): 153-64.
  • “Staging the ‘North’ in B.C.: Two Cariboo Gold Rush Plays.”  CTR 101 (Winter 2000): 19-24, with illustrations.
  • “A Woman’s Way: Narratives of Northern Discovery.”  New Worlds: Discovering and Constructing the Unknown in Anglophone Literature. Eds Martin Kuester et al.  Munich: Vögel, 2000.  177-202.
  • “The Play’s the Thing: Reading Lowry in the Dark Wood of Cocteau, Freud and Barthes.” A Darkness that Murmured: Essays on Malcolm Lowry and the Twentieth Century. Eds F. Asals and P. Tiessen. Toronto: UTP, 2000. 225-52.
  • “Hidden Country: Discovering Mina Benson Hubbard.” Biography 24.1(2001): 273-87.
  • “Incorporating ‘Butterfly’ in Plays by David Henry Hwang and Robert Lepage.” The Hannan Ronshu. Invited chapter for Special Issue in Honour of Professor Norubu Watanabe. 10.2 (2001): 11-25.
  • “Creating the Girl from God’s Country.” Special issue on AutoBiography. Canadian Literature 172.33 (2002): 98-117. winnter of Richard Plant Prize, 2002.
  • “Pollock’s Portraits of the Artist.” Theatre Research in Canada 22.2 (2002): 124-138.
  • “Imagining Canada: Sharon Pollock’s Walsh and Fair Liberty’s Call.” Performing National Identities. 2003. 51-69.
  • “From Emily Carr to Joy Coghill…and Back: Writing the Self in Song of This Place.” BC Studies 137 (Spring 2003): 103-24.
  • “Performing the Auto/biographical Pact.” Tracing the Autobiographical. Eds. M. Kadar et al. Waterloo: WLUP, 2005. 65-79.
  • “The Expressionist Vision and Malcolm Lowry’s Fiction,” The Art of Malcolm Lowry, ed. Dr. Anne Smith (London: Vision P, 1978) 93-111.