Signature Pedagogies Workshop

Workshop Description

Signature pedagogies are types of teaching that organize the fundamental ways of educating future practitioners, and are used to transfer skills of how to thinkto perform and to act with integrity in their professional work (Shulman, 2005). 

As a participant in the workshop, you will consider how your teaching methods are guided by the assumptions of your discipline and develop strategies to formulate and realize learning outcomes that reflect your field and support your students’ development.

Delivery Format

This workshop takes a flipped classroom approach, so you will review the material and complete activities in advance of the workshop. The workshop aims to be an engaging space where all participants will have the opportunity to listen, share and craft their own documentation in relation to each others’ own signature pedagogies.

We are piloting this flipped approach and are keen to obtain feedback from you on this online portion plus the face-to-face workshop. Accordingly, your participation in the workshop will contribute to the further development of this module and its resources for faculty members to use to enrich their teaching and learning contexts in the future.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the workshop, participants should be able to:

  1. Articulate the framework of signature pedagogies.
  2. Begin to reflect upon and conceptualize the signatures of your own teaching pedagogies.
  3. Explore the ways in which sharing your signature pedagogies with your students supports their development as emerging vectors of your discipline out into the world.
  4. Revise learning outcomes for one of your courses based on the signature pedagogies framework.

Who should come?

This workshop is for faculty members in the Faculty of Arts at UBC who are interested in exploring the intrinsic models of knowledge in their discipline/field and discipline-specific approaches to teaching.

These workshops will be offered throughout the year. Faculty members will receive an invitation via email and will need to RSVP. If you are interested in learning about future sessions please contact Julie Walchli at

What pre-work is needed?

Participants need to complete an online self-directed pre-workshop learning module in advance of attending the face-to-face portion of the workshop. This pre-work is estimated to take no longer than 60 minutes to complete. This pre-work includes reviewing brief videos, reading short articles, and engaging in reflection and writing. 

What to bring to the workshop?

Please bring a soft or hard copy of the worksheet you completed as part of this pre-work and a copy of a syllabus from one of your courses. We will work at revising learning outcomes in the face-to-face workshop.

Please bring a laptop or device to work on. Please let facilitators know if you need one brought to the workshop for you.

How to get started with the pre-work?

To get started,

  1. Be sure you have a UBC Blog account. If you don’t, please
  2. Click the ‘Take this Workshop’ button below. After you click the button, if you haven’t logged-in, you’ll be prompted to login with you UBC CWL.
  3. After logging-in with your UBC CWL, the links for ‘Online Pre-workshop Module’ in the Table of Content below and in the navigation menu on the right will be activated for you.
  4. Click the ‘Online Prep-workshop Module’ link and follow the instructions on the screen
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