Week Seven: Export Boom As Modernity

Modernity can be looked as a positive or negative thing depending on who you speak to. With more industrialization, tolerance and a new era of science/technology, a country joins the modern world with a lot to offer. It can be linked to a more liberal way of life.

However when transitioning from a traditional society to present day, those core values and heritage of certain groups start to disintegrate. I dare to even say it is forcing assimilation on folks. To be successful in the “new world”, you have to follow along with the majority or get left behind. As a reader, I can’t understand what people at the time went through but of course there would have been uncertainty and refusal.

The “norm” has been changed considering relationships, education, communication  and other important factors. The wealth gap seemed to arise  with other pressing issues.

On the other hand, modernity created a more accepting place to live where woman were able to do things they weren’t before, education was very valued, material goods were accessible and an overall comfortable way of living. There are always two sides to the story.

To answer the lecture question:What are the signs of  what is to come?

Honestly, I do not know for sure but looking at the world around us and seeing what has been popular could be a deciding factor. Certain things aren’t relevant anymore or applicable to daily life. One example could be the use of paper. We are in a digital era where typically everything is done online such as reading, homework, communication, etc. Having bookstores, the post office and other places that rely heavily on the use of paper may not be around. Amidst the pandemic, schools have completely shifted online with little to none  in classroom contact. I think  this will effect how our education system will look from now on. Nothing is guaranteed when looking at the future.

Discussion Questions:

Would you say modernity has left a more positive or negative impact?

How would marginalized groups excel during these times? Or would you disagree? Explain

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  1. “Modernity can be looked as a positive or negative thing depending on who you speak to.”

    It is indeed important to note that at least certain aspects of modernity may not always be welcome.

    Or perhaps to put this another way, that people might ask if there are alternative paths within modernity. There may be aspects of the past that people want to hang on to (sometimes for good reasons, sometimes for bad).

    Latin America has often been caught in this tension: people in the region want to be “modern,” but they often also want to retain their own distinctiveness.

    We are back with the paradox of universalization and difference.

  2. Hello Simran,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your questions. To answer your question, I think we have many examples of positive and negative impacts. In your blog you addressed a lot of the social aspects that came with modernity, Ill address some science, natural and technology aspects.
    Some positive impacts I can think of are our advancements in medicine, our ability to stay connected and adapt to this pandemic. We have treatments and ways of supporting people with mental illnesses rather than living in a society that forces you to hide them or be locked in an asylum. We have the science to develop vaccines and treatments for various illnesses. As I mention in my blog, today we have the ability, especially in this pandemic, to stay connected with friends, family, attend classes/ university, have business meetings, etc. This ability to stay connected I personally took for granted before the pandemic, but now I can’t miss a zoom call with my friends and family. Other positive things are safer cars, increasingly smarter phones, computers and tablets, and home appliances.

    Negative impacts can include deforestation, dependence on technology (smartphone). As modernity began, we needed more space for factories, housing, and businesses. This resulted in losing more of the natural environment around us. Lastly, we have become super dependent on technology. I think I can even say some are addicted to their smartphones.
    I think that modernity has both affected us positively and negatively. I don’t think it is either good or bad.

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