Bordes, Bastards, Conversaciones and Criticism

It has a been a jolly good run, and I think that this class was the most intriguing and hands-on I’ve experienced at this institute of humanitarian holiness. The debates were heated, the participants were enthusiastic, and the relatively unswingable Swingspace began to oscillate like an overweight Cuban in a hammock! From the eloquence of Burton to the bloodiness of Cisneros, we experienced an array of literature that evoked every emotion from boredom to borderline insanity.

The wikipedia project was one of special importance to me, for I have used the tool before so in such a self-centered fashion that it felt only necessary that I give back to the community, even though the GA reviewers can be pretentious, but they damn well should, those selfless cats.

The class became increasingly sexy during our discussions in Spanish, where the language rebounded off the walls in a way I hadn’t experienced before in my dreary grammatical Spanish classes in the past.

Latin America now is given a new life in my eyes, as before it was almost just an area on the map, but now I’m able to comprehend the difficulties and the beauty of life there. Most of all, I’m impressed with the intellect with our class, everyone raised interesting points and shared points of view that contrasted with everyone else’s, and I’m grateful to have experienced a class where participation is encouraged rather than discouraged, which often times it is.

Identity was covered in great detail, from so many perspectives that I myself am confused as to what I am, except a white male born in Canada. In a way, I’m envious of Latino strong sense of being something, or even having a struggle in deciding what they are.