Final Reflections

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I very much enjoyed the format of the course, especially the Wikipedia project. I had no idea that it was so easy to edit an article on wikipedia and I am certainly glad that I have become more aware of how a tool that we use nearly everyday to look things up is formed. I will not hesitate in the future to edit an article if  I come across one that is missing information or not well referenced if it is within the range of my studies or interests. I have enjoyed becoming a more active member of wikipedia and communicating with other members of the community, especially the person who was in charge of helping our group get acquainted with wikipedia (EyeSerene) – who I thank for his or her help. I did not know that it was possible to communicate with others through wikipedia and that each page had so many different hidden facets (such as history and discussion pages), hence I feel that my experience with this tool has definitely changed and that I can get more out of it in the future, by asking questions for example.

One other part of the course that  enjoyed was the chronological order of the works which enabled me to see how the Latin American identity was changing throughout the years, from the very magically-oriented Leyendas de Guatemala to the very realist McOndo.

Overall, I had a very pleasant experience, although taking 5 courses, 4 of which in Spanish Litterature, has definitely strained my reading-time. I enjoyed sharing many classes with the same awesome  group of people, which i find is a pleasant touch of thespanish department, since classes are small and personal. I would like to thank my group members in particular for their fantastic work and research and excellent co-operation. To the many of you who are graduating this year,  I extend a great ig congradulations!!! I wish all of you a fantastic summer, and as I will be returning to UBC for graduate school in counselling psychology next year, I can also say see you around to those who are comming back in the fall.

Take care everyone!
~ Svetlana


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