Span 365 reflection

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In the middle of Wiki edits and writing my paper I finally found a moment to give a brief reflection. I wasn’t sure what to expect coming into Span 365. I have always had an interest in understanding what magical realism was about and figured it would be kind of interesting to get a chance to analyze and discuss the authors and their works. At first I found it a little intimidating to express my own thoughts about our readings because I wasn’t really sure where to begin. But as the term progressed I felt more comfortable about it. I had a better sense of direction in terms of what to look for and how to convey these interpretations via the ‘blog’ or in class. The course began with analyzing magical realism in stages and it was interesting to see the progression throughout the course examining it as it became more complex. My favorite book that we read is El reino de este mundo. It was my first time reading it and don’t think it will be my last. These novels allowed me to become exposed to Latin-American literature and I found this class made it an enjoyable and fun experience. Thanks Jon for making it a fun class and all the best to the entire class.


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