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debut intro

I woke up this morning in my new room! It is finally beginning to resemble something like what I feel it should have to begin with. I still don’t have sheets though. I think I also missed the bit trying to tell us to provide our own duvet. It’s been an interesting few nights, my one and only saviour being my lumo orange sleeping bag. Oh, but not to worry, it is truly amazing what a few scented candles, pretty plants and photos and posters from home can do, well what they can literally TRANSFORM your room into. I’m actually rather happy to be here.

Well I would be a lot happier if tomorrow wasn’t my brother’s birthday. Actually, that’s not right, I want my brother to have his birthday (it’s only fair), what I’d really like, though, is to just BE with him! My lovely beautiful brother! ABout 14 610km away in a roughly South Easterly direction.

So I guess now is a great time for an introduction since you already know two very important things about me, 1) South Africa (Cape Town) is my good home and 2)  I have a lovely brother, Jared (turning 19 tomorrow). I have always been sure to make it known that I am in fact a year AND a half older than Jared. Only now, that that means I am actually 20… and a HALF…. I don’t think it will be a major point of focus anymore…

I’m not too sure what would be of great interest to any of you so I’ll just spill a few basics. I was born in Johannesburg, and lived there for a fair amount of time – only, at sporadic intervals. My family has moved around a LOT. All over South Africa with a brief stint in the UK when I was about 10. My entire high school career, however, was spent in Cape Town – in various different towns and schools, but CT nevertheless. I loved it there, but when I matriculated, my gypsy blood took over and I spent the next ±2 years traveling to some of the most charming places on the planet. I have definite scars and amusing traces of the mania associated with being bitten by the travel bug – it’s possible that my very own dad is in fact the travel bug… but I won’t get into that.

I came to realize though, that now was as good a time as ever to give myself a quick pep talk and start studying. Some people find moving and change scary – perhaps situations to avoid – but change (in my mind) is one of the most incredible and progressive aspects of life. Change is when I learn the most about myself. It’s when I am challenged to question myself and my decisions the most, with real honesty, and make new and better and somewhat more informed choices… and mistakes.

Though, I don’t think being here is a mistake. I am registered (finally) in Phil, Engl 120, CrWr, Psyc and Relg, however, I can already see that there is much to be learned outside of our lecture rooms – in the smiles of new friends, in the surrounding forests, in the mountains, in the ocean and in the unexpected joys in discovering faint nuances and stark juxtapositions in this beautiful city, Vancouver.

But I’m off for now. The Gala BBQ awaits.

Wish you all safe travels and smooth moves. x

August 29, 2008   4 Comments