Me? Smoking?, by Raiane Salles

This storyboard provides a chance to elicit the same verb ‘smoke’ in several different aspects and tenses: (a) the person used to smoke (past habitual); (b) the person smokes (present habitual); (c) the person was smoking (past progressive); (d) the person is smoking (present progressive); (e) the person smoked (perfective); (f) the person has smoke smell on clothes (result state). The goal is to observe what strategies the language you’re working with will use to communicate those meanings. Enjoy!

Click here for storyboard with subtitles

Click here for storyboard without subtitles

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  1. Ann Miao-Ling Hsieh


    Thank you very much for sharing the storyboard. I notice I a typo in slide #7: Did you smoked them all?

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