TEDxUBC is back after three years online! Featuring a wide array of speakers, all UBC students, hear them share their life and passions.

TICKETS FOR TEDxUBC 2023 NOW AVAILABLE: Click here to purchase.

TEDxUBC 2023 will be held on Saturday, March 4th at the Life Science Centre.

Organized on the traditional, ancestral, and unceded territory of the Musqueam people, the TEDxUBC Conference will be a day for us to reflect on who we are and why we are here. The Conference will feature ten student speakers from a diverse set of backgrounds and areas of expertise as they share their work, their passions, and their lives. Ranging from the funny to the educational to the heart-wrenching, come and listen to what your fellow students have to share.

More than just a Conference, TEDxUBC will also be fully catered and will include a variety of local businesses and clubs for you to enjoy during intermission periods. This will be a day for the UBC community to gather together and enjoy the diversity of our student body!

Join us and hear, with the rest of the audience, the passions of your student peers. You just might find that this will lead to your own transformative student experience!

Meet our speakers!

Aaron Skinner (he/him/his):
I’m Aaron, a first-year Ph.D. student in the zoology department, and I’m passionate about the conservation of biodiversity, or the variety of life on earth. I have been particularly inspired by tropical ecosystems, which I’ve visited and worked in across three continents, recording over 1,000 bird species along the way.

Theodore Yu (he/him/his):
I’m a third-year psychology student here at UBC. I am a huge Transit Fan based in Vancouver and love to share tips and tricks on how people can enhance their daily commute, and with a mind of using a psychology tricks or two!

Prishita Agarwal (she/her/hers):
My name is Prishita and I am a student entrepreneur on a mission to revolutionize the glass waste management system in Vancouver. Through my studies in circular economy, I became fascinated with the potential of glass upcycling as a sustainable solution. In 2022, I was awarded the BcBusiness Women of the Year award for empowering individuals to take their first step towards a more sustainable future.

Daniel Shirvani (he/him/his):
I am a fourth-year undergraduate in the Department of Anesthesiology, Pharmacology and Therapeutics. With a life-long fascination for human-technology interactions, I have dedicated my academic career to tackling places where these interactions have yet to be realized–specifically in the intricate arena of health care.

Lynda Li (she/her/hers):
My name is Lynda and I am in my 4th year of Kinesiology at UBC. Growing up in an immigrant family fueled a keen interest in tackling the challenge of language barriers in healthcare. I co-founded Volentia Healthcare Translation, a student-run volunteer network providing free healthcare translation for immigrants, refugees, and newcomers in Canada. As an aspiring clinician-researcher, I hope to use culturally safe care to address the healthcare barriers faced by underserved and marginalized groups.

Becca and Davida Wang (she/her/hers):
With the same DNA, chromosomes, and MBTI, we are both in the fourth year of the Bachelor of Science in Conservation and Master of Management in the B+MM program. From starting up the Earthworm Rescue Club to becoming influencers with 2 million subscribers, we have proved that 1+1>2.

Jayde Edgren (she/her/hers):
Hey, I’m Jayde, a second-year arts student here at UBC. I am in the process of transferring to the Sauder School of Business in pursuit of becoming an entrepreneur and creating my own real estate development company. I am passionate about sharing my journey of struggling with obsessive-compulsive disorder with the objective to provide people insight into the reality of someone who deals with it on a day-to-day basis.

Ky Sargeant (she/they):
I’m Ky Sargeant, a 5th-year business student passionate about building a more inclusive and compassionate world. By day, I work with the Sauder School of Business and other organizations in building more equitable systems of work, also providing educational workshops on EDI topics. By night, I love writing performance art, such as spoken word poetry and stand-up comedy, that captures my complicated relationship with the concept of identity.

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