Every student has a story. What’s yours?

TEDxUBC celebrates the achievements of students and their personal journeys.  Discovered the secret to happiness? Have an untold story that has deeply impacted you and the way you see the world? We want to hear what YOU have to say.

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TEDxUBC is a conference for UBC’s most fascinating students to share their ideas and visions with the university and with the world.

Held at the UBC Point Grey Campus, TEDxUBC provides ten student speakers, from a wide range of interests and backgrounds, with the opportunity to address an audience of over 800.  Each talk is professionally recorded and archived on the TEDx YouTube Channel.

Engagement opportunities are also made available throughout the conference, where community leaders, artists, clubs, and non-profits are invited to set up booths and presentations during the breakout sessions.  This provides audience members with the opportunity to engage with local organizations and student-led initiatives. Be prepared to be swept off your feet by the passion of the UBC community.

What is TEDxUBC?

  • Student-centred and focused
  • The pursuit of knowledge for fun and knowledge sake
  • Untold stories. Not just academic, but personal stories
  • A place where conversations are sparked by outstanding speakers
  • Cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary discussions
  • Honest and genuine communication. Leave your resumes at home

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On November 22nd, 2008, the Terry project rolled out its first “Terry Talks” conference. Under the guidance of the UBC student community and via feedback with the fine folks at TED, the aim was to present a student conference where our very own students had the platform to express their personal passions – be they related to their roles as academic participants or as advocates for social change. The day occurred in the beautiful Life Sciences Institute with an audience of around 300. Here, those audience members were on hand to hear out 6 undergraduate, 2 graduate, and 1 “Young Alumni” present their stories, as well as listen to three great TED videos.

In 2009, Terry talks morphed into TEDxTerry Talks. TEDxTerry Talks ran until 2016 where it continued to be one of the best places on campus for students to express their own passions – be they related to their roles as academic participants or as advocates for social change.

In 2017, after a brief 1 year hiatus, TEDxTerry Talks was rebranded into TEDxUBC. Same vision, same awesomeness, different name.

* * *

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