Jumpstart Okanagan ’15

Jumpstart Okanagan 2015!


The annual orientation that introduces first year international students to the lovely Okanagan campus was a huge success once again.

From The Americas to Europe, Africa to Asia and Australasia, current students welcomed incoming first years with enthusiasm and excitement. The experience featured sessions that highlighted keys to university success, resources on campus as well as fun events and places to visit in the region.

Below you will find some quotes from Jump-starter’s this year:

“Woooooooooooooh! Jumpstart was so amazing met some of my best-friends here. ”
– Alix Rossetto, France

“The rodeo was spectacular, I got to ride a mechanical bull! If you don’t do it you’re missing out!”
– Arlene Hassan, Maldives

“Really nice and helpful for new to Kelowna students, the leaders and students were open and very friendly. Definitely do it , helps to meet new people. ”
– Nourah Ndour, Burkina Faso

“Jumpstart was wonderful! I loved the time we visited the farmer’s market and went on the hike. It really helped me familiarize with the campus and the new environment. ”
– Catherine Fleck-Vidal, Germany

“Did a good job picking leaders as they made as feel welcomed and comfortable from the get go as well as the help from move in. The rodeo/fair was really good, but the farmer’s market was my personal favourite.”
– Karlie Lovinggood, Cayman Islands

” A great experience, met so many people and learnt so much!”
– Lawrence Li, Hong Kong

Jumpstart has been running for the past 7 years and from the quotes and feedback, hopefully it will be here for many years to come; warmly receiving the international community to UBC.