Human being versus human doing

When you look at the image featured above what do you see? Despite it being a world map, does it feel off putting to you? Does it seem like you know what you see, however the feeling you receive is somewhat irregular?

Is it because Europe isn’t lined up in the center of the map?

Is it because the dimensions of Africa are for once accurate?

Is it because North America doesn’t seem as expanded or as intimidating anymore?

You need to be in charge of they way you choose to see things rather than accepting to be fed a false reality. It doesn’t just apply to this map, but to your everyday life as well.

Why does an uncomfortable feeling arise when I watch the Hunger Games, Divergent and Maze Runner? Is it because it’s actually in mirror mode of what our potential future will look like? Moreover, that someday we are all divided into a bunch of districts of the wealthy and the poor, the skilled and the unskilled, and those with status and the status-less.

Why has the human race become organisms of doing, pacing, waiting, and rushing instead of just being? Why have the tables turned in the sense that we are not working to live anymore but rather living to work? Despite some us loving our jobs, we have a tendency to rush home just to stare at an electronic screen. It’s something you can’t feel; it’s simply robotic involvement.

Why does it seem like our natural environment has to adapt to us rather than us adapting to it? Rainforests that were once fresh and lushes are now desserts that are dry and dull. Fields that were once crisp and full of green are now landfills that resemble a spoiled child’s room, where there are too many toys and garbage lying about.

Why are likes, followers, and large friend lists an ego booster? Society needs to recognize you cannot auto-correct life. Moments, interactions and embraces should be your ego booster, because that is real. The record player that spins in your life seems to be broken, because all you keep hearing are the same lyrics over and over again: “Could have, would have and should have”. Yes life is tough, but guess what, you are stronger!

Why is it that the majority of people don’t know that 10% of the entire world population is illiterate? Second, 795 million people are undernourished around the globe. Third, women spend nearly one year of their lives deciding what to wear. Forth, only 2% of women describe themselves as beautiful. Fifth, on average a person spends 4 years of its life looking down at its cellphone. This list goes on and on. Now is it because every time you turn on the news you see events taking place involving celebrities like The Kardashins? Where having “a lot” on their plate involves them going to a photo shoot or not having any cell reception.

Why is racism, labels and religious conflicts such a huge topic still? It is 2015! We weren’t born instantly knowing or caring that we are yellow, brown, white, black or speckled. No baby is born racist. We grow up in these shells called labels and overtime we unfortunately start to believe that that is what defines us. “My god is all loving, but if you have a different belief I’ll make your life a living hell”. – There is so much wrong with that sentence. Yet it is repeated again and again in on going religious arguments. Why does it seem like we are arguing to death? I have a heart, a brain and I am human. The person across you on the outside may appear in complete contrast to what you look like, but on the greater scale of things they have a heart, a brain and are human too, just like you.

In my grade 12 yearbook of my last high school year, I quoted beside my graduation picture “The biggest challenge in life is trying to be yourself in a world that is trying to make you like everyone else: Be you.” Sometimes you need to stop and think if you are doing something for you, or that you are indeed being fed a false realization.


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