The first student video that I watched is titled “Speaking Truth to Power” by Daisy, Hanae and Laura. I was attracted to this video because of the black and white picture of a woman and her daughter protesting. The main goal of the video is to highlight the female voices and resistance against repressive regimes in Latin America during the late 20th century. I found the video very informative and I appreciated how the group reflected on the statement “speaking truth to power” which for them is based on including the voices of people and their lived experiences.

The second video that I watched is titled “Citizens and Rights” by Leobardo Elizando, Aaliya Kochra, Tamara Malhas and Roy Saito.  The video reflects on the historical and social challenges of granting rights to women in Latin America. I really liked how the video started off with an excerpt from an interview where a woman talks about the need for gender equality. The video goes full circle in describing the role and rights of women at different time periods and demonstrating that there is still a lot to be achieved in order for equality to be reached.

The last video that I watched is “Casta Paintings: An Introduction”. In the video, the history and importance of Casta paintings in reflecting racial relations in Latin America is analyzed. The main strength of this video is that it acknowledges the difficulty of grasping the complexity of race relations in Latin America and the legacy of racial hierarchy which can be seen to the present day in the media.

Overall, I learned a lot from watching the videos. I’m excited for the videos that we will be producing this term.