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If you grew up speaking a Chinese language (known as “Sinitic” languages by linguists), such as Mandarin, Cantonese, Hakka, or Hokkein, did you ever notice that your parents spoke differently than your grandparents or other relatives? As you grew up, did you discover that your peers and classmates who also spoke a Chinese language did not know many words or phrases you used in your family when you were little?

Tides and Voices celebrates the creativity and innovation that kids like you bring to your family and community through language. Every time you use your voice, you contribute to the social life of language. Our goal is to bring knowledge of language diversity in the Chinese (Sinitic) languages to children living in diaspora.

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Songs and Stories for Kids


If you would like to contribute a family folktale or folksong to help Canadian children learn about this important part of our collective culture, pleaseĀ contact Dr. Shannon Ward.

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