EDGE 2019

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EDGE Festival:

Nursing in the Arts and Films


Photos: Nicolas El Haik-Wagner


During the school’s centenary, arts in nursing took the stage. A February 6 lunch and learn session at the school introduced guest speaker M. K. Czerwiec who considered the idea of Comics in Nursing, asking “Can Comics Make Us Better Caregivers?” More: comicnurse.com/book/taking-turns/.

In past years, the Edge Festival has exclusively showcased nursing research films. This year, several research projects and teaching tools have been introduced that were not part of a research film, but which were worthy of sharing. In this, its third year, and to celebrate UBC Nursing’s centenary, Edge Festival moved to VanCity theatre in downtown Vancouver. In keeping with the venue’s history as a movie theatre, organizers sought out new films to present by initiating a short film competition. Several films won the opportunity to be showcased at Edge. Organizers also opened up the festival to multi-media works by trans youths and a demonstration of forum theatre by Cognitive Rehearsal to Address Bullying (C.R.A.B.). The youths’ works included poetry, paintings, and a board game, all of which were on display during the intermission. C.R.A.B. performers, in partnership with Tom Scholte of the UBC Department of Theatre and Film, offered short demonstrations of forum theatre, a tool for problem-solving and practicing techniques to diffuse problematic real world situations – in the case of C.R.A.B, to reduce bullying in the workplace.

For more information, visit our main site: https://nursing.ubc.ca/research/video-archive

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