Pulse and Puppies

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Undergrad Project to Master’s Research

Pulse and Puppies

Photo provided by Kelsi Jessamine


Kelsi Jessamine’s undergraduate “synthesis project” (in which students bring what they are learning into real-world scenarios) offered free pet care to vulnerable folk and their companions (featured on p.15 of Touchpoints Spring/Summer 2017). Her master’s research carries on with her passion to bridge the gap between marginalized communities and the health care system.

For more, read our web-story researched and written by work-learn student Nicolas El Haïk-Wagner: nursing.ubc.ca/pulse-and-puppies.

Update: On July 15, 2019, Kelsi received the City of Vancouver’s Civic Volunteer Award on behalf of the CVO organization. Read about the award here: https://nursing.ubc.ca/cvo-award

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