Towards Decolonial Futures Research Project

The SSHRC funded research project “Towards Decolonial Futures”  offers reviews, social cartographies and collaborative case studies of social innovations and educational experiments that promote global change addressing two or more of the following areas: peak oil, climate change, economic instability, welfare fragility, job precarity, political volatility, forced migration, modern slavery, gender, racial and sexual violence, language loss, flora/fauna endangerment and food and water crises.

The project prioritizes collaborations with initiatives that adopt a decolonial orientation, inviting collective imaginings beyond human existence defined by capitalism, socialism or nation states; the separation between humans and nature; a singular totalizing rationality and single stories of progress, development and human evolution.

Key texts

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Social Cartography as research methodology explained

A working cartography of horizons of hope using EarthCARE global justice framework is available for comments here.