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Week 7

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Modernity is the vital part of discussion in this weeks material. Modernity in its entirety if quite interesting to me and I feel the topic as whole doesn’t get discussed very often. I’ts intriguing to hear from Alexander Dawson that majority of Mexico, not just Mexico City, under Diaz, was quite modern for the time. In my opinion the American education system can be very much bias in that America is projected as this all mighty country who has always and will always be more advanced that all other countries….read more


Week 6

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So as the focus of our discussions strays from talk of liberation and how people would go about forming their government to this week, how people were actually living and how their governments were performing in the grand scheme of things, we start to see the many flaws in society as a whole and how not everyone was being treated equally or fairly for that matter. During the mid 19th century, the majority of Latin American citizens lived in rural areas, with a select minority living in the major cities…read more


Week 5: Cuadillos vs. the Nation State

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I found it quite intriguing how initially, there were such different views for the future of Latin America held by opposing parties. on part due to the fragmentation of the homeland and destruction of previous governing ideas. Caudillos had a very narrow, immediate outlook on solutions to their problems with very localized thinking. I don’t necessarily know if id agree with their thinking. Liberals at the time, on the other hand had more abstract ways of thinking. As for the time, institutionalized forms of government weren’t as prominent as they…read more


Week 4: Independence Narratives

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So previously the learnings in this class have been primarily on the physical history and discovery of Latin America and new worlds alike. This weeks video and readings took a more political route. Im not one to shoot down politics, however I never really vibed well with the topic. Even in todays day and age, with politics so blatantly relevant. More so that I’m from the states. I’d rather avoid the topic as a whole, as a bad as that sounds. With all that being said, I did find Jose…read more


Week 3: The Colonial Experience

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So this week was focused on the Casta Paintings or grouping of people based on race. It was used for social control and often dictated someones role in the social system. Some defining characteristics depicted in the paintings were the clothes the people were wearing. Generally the “purer” European descendant wore the most elaborate and expensive clothing. So Spain during this time of colonization and expansions of the new world seemed to be having a sort of identity crisis in the homeland. They wanted to create a more uniform land….read more


The Meeting of Two Worlds

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So this weeks articles and videos were about the discovery of the Americas by the great “explorer” Christopher Columbus. I put “explorer” in quotes because, despite my preconceived notions of Columbus, he didn’t seem to be as much of an explorer as most of us think. In school, he was portrayed as this heroic, savior of the worlds type guy, with statues and monuments erected in his name across America. I learned his true, not so heroic intentions for discovering America. Wealth, popularity and religion. A money driven Columbus backed…read more


Introductory post

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Hey, my name is Tyler Farrago, I am an American born Canadian citizen. I grew up in New York, about 30 minutes out side of the big city in a place called Long Island. Coincidentally enough, thats exactly what it was: A long Island. My mother was born in Vancouver, thus giving me citizenship. I’m studying at UBC because I know the area very well, ¬†as a call Vancouver my second home. Have tons of family and friends out here as well. Oh, and the cheap tuition. So I just…read more


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